for working on the future
an incitement to radical creativity


is an international art collective of creative people from different professional backgrounds. We work with an open concept of art [PDF] that includes as many areas of life as possible. We are interested in the future design our life on the globe. Society is our studio.
What do we really want?

The project is based in Augsburg with satellites in Detroit, USA and Taipei, Taiwan.
It was initiated by Juliane Stiegele in 2010. 


Currently involved in the project: Juliane Stiegele, D // Erwin Heller, D // Martina Vodermayer, D // Nick Tobier, USA // Jia-ming Dai, TW // Alice Schöndorfer, D // Andrés Kunze Sanzana, D // Markus Bernhard, D // Doris Cordes-Vollert, D // Winfried Skarke, D //




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