for working on the future
an incitement to radical creativity


The UTOPIA TOOLBOX Container is a temporary ‘ministry for future dreams’. What do you really want? How do we want to live in the future – individually, as a society, globally? And particularly: what can you even do today to come the first step closer to your idea?  – people are asked.

Around the Container there are daily short-lectures and actions dealing with utopia-relevant subjects. They are free to participate without limitation – a free university for everybody.


The container travels on request.

Previous locations:
> Stuttgart      2021
> Ulm              2020
> Rosenheim  2019 Interviews [PART 1] PDF
> Rosenheim  2019 Interviews [PART 2] PDF
> Rosenheim  2019 University PDF
> Rosenheim

> München     2017 Interviews PDF

> München     2017 University PDF

> München     2017 Aktionen PDF

> Mistlau        2015  PDF

> Augsburg    2013  PDF

> Augsburg