for working on the future
an incitement to radical creativity


provides and creates tools for a conscious designing of our future which will be particularly challenging, and demanding creative processes beyond familiar dimensions. How do we want to live? What do you really want?


UTOPIA TOOLBOX is an international art project by people of various professional fields who like to cooperate in projects, grow in scale, scope and capacity through collaborative interdisciplinary work. Their common basis is an open definition of creativity which does not exclude any field of work. The collective share, at their core, an idea and a belief that creativity is our single most valuable resource. The only resource providing solutions for the dramatic global chaos we face.

Art is critique on a mechanistic way of thinking.


The project finds its assignments by itself or works on request.

UTOPIA TOOLBOX also counsels others. At the worst even arms dealers.

UTOPIA TOOLBOX is also poetry.


The project was initiated by Juliane Stiegele in 2010.


Currently involved in the project: Juliane Stiegele, D // Erwin Heller, D // Martina Vodermayer, D // Nick Tobier, USA // Jia-ming Dai, TW// Alice Schöndorfer, D // Jürgen Hefele, D // Markus Bernhard, D // Renate Tax, D // Doris Cordes-Vollert, D and around 10 more temporarily participating people.




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